Lash Adhesive Remover 10g

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Please ensure you read the instructions on our sites as our clearance tubs have no boxes with them.

Remove Eyelash extensions and adhesive with absolute ease with our Cream Adhesive Remover

Our remover won't run into the eye being a cream it will sit where you place it and break down the adhesive. 

Use sparingly a small amount goes a long way! 

Use with our Micro applicator for ease of removal

Avoid getting into the eye itself 




  • Clean the eye area thoroughly 
  • Apply eyepads underneath the eyes 
  • Apply a small amount of remover using a micro swab also available in clearance 
  • Place another eyepad on top of the lashes and sandwich them together 
  • Wait 3-5mins 
  • Remove the top eyepad and use tweezers to slide off the lashes 
  • Reapply if necessary 
  • Rinse with water thoroughly and wash with lash shampoo following with another water rinse 

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